physics Version: 2.0.1

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Welcome to physics! image0 image1 image2

physics is a simple Educational library written in Python. It could be used for your school projects.

Have you ever tried to define a number using errors? Calculating gravity? Get a proportionality relation? Now, that’s possible and simple.



From PyPi

Just use pip:

pip install physics

Or if you want to upgrade the package:

pip install --upgrade physics

From Github

Using Pip

Try using that piece of code:

pip install git+

Or if you want to upgrade the package

pip install --upgrade git+

Downloading files

In primis (from Latin, “firstable”), clone the repository:

git clone

Then, change directory:

cd physics

And finally, install the package:

sudo python3 install


You’ll find lots of not understandable directory and files, so here a list and definitions of them:

  • physics - Main directory
    • physics/__init__.pyx - Init file, it included all classes
    • physics/errors.pyx - Errors class
    • physics/gravity.pyx - Gravity class
    • physics/numbers.pyx - Numbers class
    • physics/proportionality.pyx - Proportionality class

How to contribute

In primis (“firstable”), you must read the code of conducts and the contributing document, then ask hearot to enter the organization (pyTeens).

Copyright (c) 2019 pyTeens. All rights reserved.

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